Willio and Phillio - All Winter Long

All Winter Long
b/w Hail to Thee O Christmas Tree and The Christmas Roundelay

This one has sat in a pile of 45s in my closet for I don’t know how many years. It take a lot of motivation to sit down and rip singles. They take almost as much time to rip, clean, tag, and scan as a full album but just for a couple of songs. But lucky for you I decided to finally go through those singles.

I admit to knowing nothing about Willio and Phillio before I ripped this record, but research shows that they have been (and continue to be) quite active in the entertainment world, including for a plucky little organization called Disney.

Disney's Christmas All-Time Favorites

From what I can gather Will Ryan and Phil Baron teamed up in Cleveland in the late 1970s where they did work for radio and television. From there they went on to provide the voices of Teddy Ruxpin and Grubby across dolls, books, and television. Then onto Disney where they have long lists of voice credits including Welcome to Pooh Corner and Mickey’s Christmas Carol. (Willio and Phillio performed Ferlin Husky’s I Wish It Could Be Christmas All Year Long on Disney’s 1981 LP Disney’s Christmas All-Time Favorites.)

On this single from 1978, the boys channel some serious Beatles tones on the rocker “All Winter Long”, complete with a Liverpudlian accented count-in and hair shaking “woos“. It actually reminds me a lot of The Rutles in that there is meticulous attention to the musical tropes of the Fab Four. They even channel a bit of Neil Innes as they transition into the folkier “Hail to Thee O Christmas Tree” and “The Christmas Roundelay”.

There’s some fun music here which deserves to be heard after such a long time in the shadows. So listen and enjoy!

The King of Jingaling

UPDATE: If you downloaded this before Thursday, December 20, 2019, the stereo channels were reversed. The link below goes to the updated files with the correct stereo channels.

Download here.