Vox.com says, "The Only Christmas Music Playlist You Will Ever Need"

Vox.com - The Only Christmas Music Playlist You Will Ever Need
Vox article from 2018 praising the FaLaLaLaLa GREAT BIG Christmas Variety Shuffle List

It was two days before Christmas 2018 when I got one heck of a present from Vox.

On December 23rd, they posted a story from Emily Todd VanDerWerff in which my FaLaLaLaLa GREAT BIG Christmas Variety Shuffle List was called “The only Christmas music playlist you will ever need.” Needless to say, my jaw hit the floor and I was pretty excited.

I’m not sure how much traffic the story got, coming just a couple days before Christmas while everybody was shopping for last minute gifts and/or wrapping them. I did see a spike in the subscriptions to the Spotify playlist. As of this writing (12/20/2019), the number of subscribers is just shy of four thousand, which is pretty amazing.

FaLaLaLaLa GREAT BIG Christmas Variety Shuffle List

Besides giving shout outs to some of my friends (HipChristmas and Ernie (Not Bert), what I like most about the article is that they really get what the playlist was about:

The problem with most Christmas music is that even if you like a given Christmas song, there are only two — maybe three — versions that get airplay on the radio and in public spaces, over and over, year after year. The King of Jingaling’s big list combats this problem by pulling in versions you’ve never heard of the songs you love, with a wide variety of artists and musical styles to keep the party going.


This was exactly what I was trying to achieve, a good balance between familiarity and novelty that can make even old songs sound fresh. So I’m glad that this got across, at least to this one writer.

I do try to update the playlist as new music shows up on Spotify. This particular playlist does skew towards older, more traditional music. And it generally keeps the tone fairly light (don’t look for Rob Halford or Christmas On Death Row).

So give it a listen (again, it’s made to be played on SHUFFLE) and be sure to FOLLOW it. You can also follow me on Spotify to check out other playlists I’ve made (Jazz, Easy Listening, and 10 hours of Jingle Bells).

The King of Jingaling



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