The Williams Brothers Christmas Album (Barnaby)A Neglected Christmas Classic That You Don’t Own (Yet…)

If you love Andy Williams Christmas music (and you do…), imagine listening to four of him singing together….

Before Andy Williams became the solo heartthrob that he was, he and his brothers (Bob, Don, and Dick) had a career as a combo performing backup vocals for other artists (including Bing) as well as singing in nightclubs and movies. The older brothers tired of the business and Andy eventually went solo. The rest is Christmas history.

The brothers, however, returned to perform with Andy on several of his television shows at Christmas. Take a look at one such performance.

Christmas With Andy Williams and the Williams Brothers (1971)These performances led to the brothers recording an album which they released in 1970, The Williams Brothers Christmas Album. (The following year saw some of the music re-released on an album (Christmas With Andy Williams and The Williams Brothers) along with some of Andy’s solo performances.

I only really discovered this album in the past five years through the original vinyl version (which I eventually upgraded with a CD that was available via Andy’s website and his Branson, Missouri theater). It’s reputation has grown in our house over these years, and thanks in part to the DVD (and streaming video) of The Best of the Andy Williams Christmas Specials it has become one of our favorites.

Remastered for CD Release

So it was with great happiness that I greeted the announcement that Real Gone Music would be remastering and re-releasing the album this year. And, true to form for them, it just sounds so pristine and so alive, mastered from the original tapes. Those gorgeous sibling harmonies just ring out with so much kitschy spirit. The inventive arrangements just sparkle, especially on the galloping “Kay Thompson’s Jingle Bells”.

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MP3 Album Available For The First Time As Well

If you are interested in downloading the music on MP3 that option is also now available. However, let it be noted that these MP3’s are not from the new mastering job by Real Gone Music. These are released on Williams’ own Barnaby label and represent the mixes that existed on the CD that they released some years back. They’re not as clean as the new CD (and it seems that the stereo channels are switched), but I would say that if you’re a download person they’re certainly worth the price. (The album is available for streaming via Google Play All Access, though not Spotify as of this writing.)

Take a listen.

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There’s so much more to know about this album, but I recommend you get it and thoroughly read the liner notes by The Second Disc‘s Joe Marchese.

So I fervently recommend adding this long-neglected album to your Christmas music collection today.

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