Quick Pick: Trombones Under the Tree

Trombones Under the Tree

Joseph Alessi, Mark H. Lawrence, Carle Lenthe, M. Dee Stewart
Trombones Under the Tree
Summit Records – 1991

I’m not sure how or when I discovered this gem of an album, but each time it comes up in my Christmas playlist it gets my attention.

It’s just a really great collection of Christmas arrangements played by an immensely talented quartet of musicians. I’ve always been a sucker for trombone. It has such a wonderfully warm and rich tone, especially when played by masters like this.

The selection is a nice mix of contemporary Christmas tunes, classic carols, and a bit of The Nutcracker Suite for good measure. It’s generally on the mellow side and has elements of jazz mixed in with the classical feel of the playing. There are tender, solemn moments as well some jaunty tunes. But it never gets too raucous and so could even work as background music for an intimate Christmas dinner party.

I highly recommend adding this to your Christmas music library, whether through purchase or streaming.

The King of Jingaling

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  1. Patrick

    eternal thanks for this recommendation…it’s wonderful. Brass instrumentation just “screams” Christmas to me…but, I do have a question, and I’ve asked around to other Christmas music afficianados (I know I spelled that wrong…forgive me) and I haven’t had a response…do you know of ANY Christmas brass albums that feature the french horn as the main instrument? Or have a prominent role in the procedings? Any info would be truly appreciated.

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