Merry Christmas-and-a-Half!

Hidden wreath

So here it is, June 25th, and around here we celebrate Christmas-and-a-Half.

I know that lots of people think about “Christmas In July” but we don’t go in for any of that commercial nonsense around here. What’s CIJ except an excuse for furniture and appliance stores to lure hot and sweaty shoppers into their overly air-conditioned stores for lame sales? They don’t celebrate the TRUE meaning of Christmas in July which is…which is…. Oh, that’s right! There is no meaning of Christmas in July. Not so, Christmas-and-a-Half!

On this day, last Christmas is six months behind us and this Christmas is six months in the future. We begin counting the days until Christmas comes round again. With each day the holiday gets closer. The anticipation can begin. It will continue to grow throughout the year, until the season kicks of at Thanksgiving and then really gets into gear for Advent. So much to look forward to!

And let us not forget the connection to the solar year. Christmas has long been connected to the winter solstice and the Christian tradition borrowed heavily from pagan practices celebrating midwinter. In the same vein, Christmas-and-a-Half is connected to the summer solstice. Take that, Christmas in July!

So, pour yourself a hot toddy and spin the wonderful sounds of The Gunter Kallmann Choir. Get into the spirit and think about that day six months from now and all the joy that awaits us there….

The King of Jingaling

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