Merry Christmas & a Half 2008 with Tijuana Christmas 1.5!

It’s that time of year again–the time when my brain chemistry decides to ignore the cultural norms of the day and invent my own Christmas holiday!

With six months since last Christmas and six months until next Christmas, FaLaLaLaLa celebrates Christmas-And-A-Half!

Now I know you’re rolling your eyes (my wife certainly is) because you don’t get it.  Aren’t Christmas and Christmas In July enough?

Well, no.  As the Christmas celebration itself has its roots in ancient celebrations of the Winter solstice, I see it as more appropriate to have a celebration near the Summer solstice–in June as opposed to July.  It’s much more appropriate than celebrating appliance sales during Christmas in July.  So we don’t really do Christmas in July at FaLaLaLaLa (though I will be spinning tunes for my wife’s CIJ party–she is the queen, after all!).

So, my annual harrang now being through, I give you my Christmas-And-A-Half present: one and a half Tijuana Christmas albums.  So pour yourself a shandy and let the trumpets take you away….

Now you might look at the info below and see what you think are two Tijuana Christmas albums.  However, due to the bizarre and fickle workings of the record industry, side two of the second album below is 100% Tijuana Free.  You won’t find any Herb Alpert lite jazz numbers here.  Just some relatively standard (though well orchestrated) Christmas carols performed by chorus and orchestra.  So you’ll have to put down your margaritas during these songs or just skip them, even though they have far more Christmas content than some of the rest of the tracks.  The only yule flavor you’ll find in songs like Mrs. Claus Says–Ole! is a bit of sleighbell percussion.  Pretty cheap of Mr. Garabedian and the folks at Phillips 66.  Big oil has its way with us once again!

The albums were produced by the king of Herb Alpert clones, George Garabedian.  Apparently he put out quite a few of these little gems (and I suspect some of these tracks are recycled from other albums).  There isn’t really info about release dates, players, orchestrators, etc.

Tijuana Christmas Vol. 1

Phillips 66 Presents Tijuana Christmas
Mark 56 Records


1. Jingle Bells   1:54
2. Parade of the Wooden Soldiers   2:36
3. Christmas Sleigh Bells   3:04
4. Let It Snow Let It Snow   1:36
5. Tijuana Christmas   2:55
6. White Christmas   2:50


1. Santa Claus, Santa Claus   2:15
2. Sleigh Ride   2:41
3. Winter Wonderland   2:02
4. Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem/It Came Upon A Midnight Clear   2:55
5. Adeste Fidelis/Silent Night   2:26


Tijuana Christmas Vol. 2

Phillips 66 Presents Tijuana Christmas Volume 2
Mark 56 Records


1. Tijuana Taxi   3:28
2. Christmas In Paris   3:14
3. The Star   3:12
4. March of The Reindeer   4:01
5. Mexican Pine Cones   2:55
6. Mrs. Claus Says–Ole!   3:28


1. Happy Holiday   2:54
2. Christmas Waltz   3:25
3. Snowfall   3:14
4. Good King Wenceslas   3:02
5. Silent Night   4:42
6. Christmas Sleigh Bells   3:40

See you in about 6 months….

The King of Jingaling


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