Line Material 1960 cover

See my post on the 1956 Line Material booklet for history about the company and a brief overview of these book/record combos.

This is the fourth of the Line Material Christmas booklets that I’ll be sharing out this season.

This booklet leans most heavily on several extended stories as opposed to the briefer pieces which seemed to be more common in the previous years’ booklets. There are lots of messages about restored hope, plenty of good Christmas time themes. It’s well worth reading them all.


The Littlest General (story) – Charles Tazewell
The Day Santa Rode the Caboose (story) – Millie McWhirter
The Sugar Plum Tree (poem) – Eugene Field
Santa’s Underground Northpole Factoree (music/illustration) – Lyrics by Hugo Bauch, Music by John McCarthy, A David Carroll Arrangement
‘Twas the Night Before Christmas (poem) – Clement Clark Moore
A Letter to Santa (poem) – Author Unknown
Christmas Bells (poem) – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
The Friendly Beasts (poem) – Author Unknown
Christmas Stockings (poem) – Author Unknown
Away In A Manger (lyrics) – Traditional
The Christmas Tree (story) – Lee McGiffin
Christmas (poem) – Marchette Chute
Santa Claus (poem) – Author Unknown
The Christmas Tree (continued) (story) – Lee McGiffin
Another Boy (story) Bruce Barton

Click the images below to browse a few of the pages of the booklet and see the quality of the great mid-century modern illustrations. (There’s way more to be found in the PDF download below.)


This year’s music is produced by the same team responsible for the previous recordings; words by Hugo Bauch, music by John McCarthy, arrangement by David Carroll. Gone, unfortunately, is the stately voice of the great Ken Nordine from 1959. Once again, the voice talent is uncredited. No doubt they used standard advertising voice talent.

The flip side is, once again, the original track from the 1957 booklet, Santa’s North Pole Band.

So download the PDF and music files below and enjoy this stroll through Christmas 1960, courtesy of Line Material! (Be sure to check out the previous booklets shared and stay tuned for several more….)

The King of Jingaling

Click the image below to download a zip file with the complete booklet and music. And while you’re there pick up the others that I’ve shared.