Line Material Christmas 1958 - Cover

See my post on the 1956 Line Material booklet for history about the company and a brief overview of these book/record combos.

I’m planning on sharing all of the books and records from 1956 through 1962, but you will notice I did not post the 1957 book. That’s because I have not yet acquired a copy of it. Once I do, expect to see it as well.


When Father Shook the Stove – Edgar A. Guest (poem)
Santa Claus – Author Unknown (poem)
It Ain’t the Gift – Author Unknown (poem)
Silent Night, Holy Night – Joseph Mohr (lyrics)
The Christmas That Was Nearly Lost – Ruth Sawyer (short story) / Illustration – Giacomini
Christmas Burglary – R. O. Eastman (short story)
Christmas Interlude – Author Unknown (poem)
The Sounds of Christmas – Lyrics by Hugo Bauch, Music by John McCarthy, A David Carroll Arrangement (song)
‘Twas the Night Before Christmas – Clement Clark Moore (poem)
Christmas Magic – Hilda Butler Park (poem)
Jingle Bells – J. Pierpont (lyrics)
What Christmas Does to Me – Alfred Grant Walton (poem)
L-M Has A Party! – Uncredited (text)
The Man Who Kept Christmas – Uncredited (Meditation)
Watching for Santa Claus – Uncredited (poem)
The Doll with the Red Curls – Nellie Beverly (short story)
As Fine a Friend As You – Uncredited (poem)
Henry Van Dyke Said – Henry Van Dyke (quote)
Desiderata – Max Ehrmann (prose poem) / Design & Art: Frank H. Bercker Studios

For the 1958 release, our musical offering turns to “The Sounds of Christmas”. It starts as a sweet little waltz with some pleasantly jaunty choral work but turns into an energetic romp once the topic turns to the many sounds of the season.


The sounds of Christmas
The wonderful sounds…

Oh, we’ve seen the sights of Christmas
The lights upon the tree
And we’ve seen the nights of Christmas
And the daytime gaiety.
Oh, we’ve seen the colors of Christmas
Reflected in candlelight
We’ve seen the presents of Christmas
Wrapped in ribbons ever so bright.
But the candles and presents, the lights and the tree
Are the part of Christmas we only see
So let’s close our eyes to the glitter and glisten
For the sounds we can hear if we only listen, listen, listen…

Can you hear the sound of sleigh bells
As the reindeer start to go
Can you hear the jingling sleigh bells
Echoing over the snow
Can you hear the sound of chopping
As the brownies cut down our tree
The chop, chop, chop without stopping
Til it’s brought for us to see
Can you hear the sound of the yule log
As it snaps and crackles away
Can you hear the sizzling yule log
Burning on Christmas day
Can you hear the bell in the church spire
Tolling so slowly and then
Ringing out with the church choirs
As they sing peace on earth to men

The sounds of Christmas
Wonderful sounds…

There are other sounds of Christmas
You will hear on Christmas morn
The toot of a train for Tommy
The toot of a little toy horn
There’s the sound of sister’s dolly
A little toy dog for Sue
There’s a cuckoo clock, a grandfather’s clock
And lots of others too

The sounds of Christmas
Wondeful sounds…

So if you want to enjoy this Christmas
Fill your eyes with the yuletide delights
But never forget the sounds you hear
Can be with you year after year
No never forget the sounds you hear
Can be with you year after year

(And here’s one sound we’ve saved for last
A sound we hope you’ve heard in the past
It’s a little tune each year we send
To all Line Material’s friends…

Merry Christmas from Line Material…

Once again the musical direction falls to the well-regarded John McCarthy (as noted by my friend Lee over on his blog). The lyrics are attributed to one Hugo Brauch. The only information I could find about him was several copyrights in his name for Miller High Life ads in 1958. Given that much of the talent on these records comes from the world of advertising, that makes sense and so I’m sure it’s the same person.

The flip side is the original track from the 1957 booklet, Santa’s North Pole Band.

The booklet I got from Ebay didn’t have the record attached. I have the tune recorded from a later release (which we’ll get to soon…), but once again my friend Lee over at Music You (Possibly) Won’t Hear Anyplace Else allowed me to include his recordings in this package. Lee transferred the music from vinyl and provided some restoration. I added a smidge of my own restoration to the final product. You can get Lee’s original recordings HERE, and while you’re there you should check out lots of the other great music he shares.

Click the images below to browse a few of the pages of the booklet and see the quality of the great mid-century modern illustrations. (There’s way more to be found in the PDF download below.)

Many of the stories and poems are credited in the book and some acknowledgment of original sources is also present. Now if only there was information about the artists and illustrators. The one illustration on page 2 includes the signature “Giacomini” and the one page of lyrics/poems credits “Design & Art: Frank H. Bercker Studios”. That’s all we know about the art, which is a real shame because there is some classic mid-century commercial illustration here. I’d love to know who did the fantastic image of Santa in the car (which I repurposed for my music mix this year…).

So download the PDF and music files below and enjoy this stroll through Christmas 1958, courtesy of Line Material!

The King of Jingaling

Click the image below to download a zip file with the complete booklet and music.