FaLaLaLaLa talks Bob Dylan with the LA Times

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I got an email yesterday from reporter Todd Martens (who did a nice piece about us in Billboard a few years back) who was looking for some comments about the forthcoming Bob Dylan Christmas album.

Todd was specifically interested in the tracklist and what a Christmas music expert thought would be a good song for Dylan.

For some reason my thoughts went instantly to the Alfred Burt carols.  I’m not sure why.  I’m know there are some “folkier” choices I could have come up with, but the Burt carols just seemed to make sense and “Some Children See Him” made the most sense.

It’s not terribly well known.  James Taylor recorded it a few years ago.  It’s on Tennessee Ernie Ford’s Star Carol album (along with the Burt-penned title song).  But the version I’m most familiar with is Andy Williams’s.

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So, check the article on the LA Times site and then let me know in the comments (or on the forums) if I made the right call….

What Christmas Song Should Bob Dylan Sing?  One Expert’s Opinion

The King of Jingaling


  1. Hm, I’m not too familiar with Bob Dylan, but he doesn’t seem the religious sort. And he tends to “speak” his songs more than sing them, which “Some Children See Him” might require. Still, I could see him pulling it off. I do think you’re on the money about more folksy songs, though. I’m sorry, I don’t have any better suggestions, but I do congratulate you on another media mention, Brad! Be ready for more people asking you to “track down that Christmas song from your youth that you must have again every December”! 😉

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