FaLaLaLaLa Presents the 2019 King of Jingaling Fling

The 2019 King of Jingaling Fling

I started this site 15 years ago for Christmas 2004. The internet was a very different place. I couldn’t have imagined then what the world of music would be like today. But I imagine I’d be pleased.

So much Christmas music at that point seemed lost to the ravages of time. Much of it was frozen in vinyl records, accessible to the few adventuresome souls who combed through thrift stores and used record shops for any lost nugget of holiday joy (or, more likely, weirdness…). I’m happy to say that much of the music that I highlighted back then is now available to anyone in the world at the touch of a button. I like that.

However, there’s still enough music that hasn’t made its way into our digital age. And some of us still comb through moldy stacks of records to find magical Christmas moments trapped in vinyl grooves until we liberate them for all the world to hear anew.

And so here it is, my 2019 contribution. Honestly, I didn’t rip most of the music from vinyl myself. I’d say a fair amount of it is the work of my friend Ernie, who is responsible more than anyone for so much old Christmas music being heard once again. And the man is a machine, ripping (and re-ripping) albums and sharing them with the world. What I have done is sort through and find what I think are some of the best tunes and put them here for you to hear.

So, please listen, share, enjoy, and comment. I’d love to hear what you think…


Track List

  • Lisa Dal Bello – Deck The Halls (02:31)
  • Nita Rosi – The Daddy Christmas Song (02:47)
  • The Ralph Carmichael Singers & Orchestra – Christmas Shopping (02:33)
  • Serge Fontane – Le Bonhomme Hiver (Winter Wonderland) (02:18)
  • The Pala Brothers – Christmas Bells Are Ringing (02:29)
  • The Santa Claus “Snow-Ro” – It’s Me Santa Claus (02:37)
  • The Thomas Sisters – ¿Dónde Está Santa Claus? (02:10)
  • Rick Wilkins And The Mutual Understanding – My Favourite Things (03:15)
  • The Lancers (1954) – I Wanna Do More Than Whistle (02:11)
  • Maurice Chevalier – Jolly Old St. Nicholas (02:02)
  • Van Givens – Droopy Christmas Tree (02:33)
  • The Flippers – Santa Notte E Cha Cha Cha (02:09)
  • Bernie Knee – The Holiday Hop (01:43)
  • Hal Mooney And His Orchestra – Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy (From “The Nutcracker”) (02:14)
  • Seth Rye – Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree (01:53)
  • Leslie Crowther – Santa Claus (02:36)
  • Glen Foster – The Twelve Guitars Of Christmas (03:23)
  • Singing Post Family – You Gotta Be Good (01:47)
  • Ralph Carmichael Orchestra – Joy To The World (02:01)
  • Mickey Rooney – Mr. Wha Da Ya Want (01:31)
  • Chet Baker And The Carmel Strings – Christmas Song (03:03)
  • Barry Gordon – I Like Christmas (I Like It, I Like It) (02:23)
  • Johnny Burt Orchestra & Chorus – If You Can Sing A Happy Song For Christmas (02:23)
  • The Organ Masters – Frosty The Snowman/Sleigh Bells And Cinnamon (02:12)
  • Dick Schory’s Percussion Pops Orchestra – Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers (02:43)
  • Jimmy Joyce-Orchestra Conducted By Billy Liebert And Carl Brandt – Department Store Santa Claus (02:27)
  • The Stereo Brass Choir – Baby, It’s Cold Outside (02:15)
  • Yasunori Nakajima And The Latin Rhythm Kings – White Christmas (02:20)
  • Mike Sammes Singers – Ring Christmas Bells – We Wish You A Merry Christmas (02:40)

May the music here add to the joy and merriment of your own celebrations…

The King of Jingaling


(UPDATE DEC. 7 2019 – The files were fixed to note that Track 19 is “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” and not “Joy to the World”. Original downloads are now collector’s items and will sell for $18,000 on Ebay. 🙂 )

(And be sure to check out last year’s Fling as well as the older ADVENTures In Carols.)


  1. Bryan

    Hello! For some reason, when I download from the link above, I’m only getting the first track (Deck the Halls). Am I doing something wrong? Same thing happening with the Turned On Christmas link. I’m using a Mac. Thanks!

  2. Dean

    thank you so much for this and for many years of ADVENTures, King. that said, is the download working properly, or is something wrong on my end? it appears to download the whole 132MB zipped archive but when it the archive auto-opens, it only contains one track (“Deck the Halls”). help!

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