FaLaLaLaLa - All of the Other ReindeerHere’s another themed Christmas music mix for you, a musical ride through Santa’s stables.

Once Rudolph went down in history, it seems all of the others were forgotten, doesn’t it. Well, not quite. There are quite a few songs that bring attention to Santa’s other reindeer. Of course there are songs about the eight familiar reindeer (Dasher, et. al.), but there are so many other reindeer that most folks don’t know about. Like Otto, Lem, Rhonda, Sandy, Silver, Pancho, Pedro and more.

FaLaLaLaLa.com – All of the Other Reindeer by Falalalala on Mixcloud

Listen and learn….

  1. Santa’s Other Reindeer by The Sandpipers with Mitch Miller & His Orchestra
  2. The Happy Reindeer by Dancer, Prancer, & Nervous
  3. Don’t Forget to Feed the Reindeer by Peggy Lee
  4. Silver Bell the Heavenly Reindeer by Meg Bussert
  5. Nine Little Reindeer by Gene Autrey
  6. Get Your Reindeer Off My Roof by Jerry Biggins
  7. Ghost Reindeer in the Sky by R.E.M.
  8. I Was A Teenage Reindeer by Jim Backus & Daws Butler
  9. The Ringing Reindeer by Johnny Farnham
  10. Have Reindeer Will Travel by Johnny Mathis
  11. Whistlin’ Otto (The Baby Reindeer) by Vincent Lopez
  12. Donde Esta Santa Claus? by Augi Rios
  13. Sandy the Blue Nosed Reindeer by Scott Fagen
  14. Rhonda the Reindeer’s Magical Tail by Frank Trainor
  15. Mr. Reindeer by The Caroleer Singers
  16. Lem, The Orphan Reindeer by Kathy Garver
  17. The Reindeer Boogie by Hank snow
  18. Dasher With The Light Upon His Tail by Kitty Wells