Since 2004 I’ve been presenting an Advent calendar of classic Christmas music taken from vinyl records, the FaLaLaLaLa ADVENTure In Carols.

From December 1st until the 25th a new song is posted each day and then on the 25th the cover artwork gets posted so you can create a CD.  The cover art comes courtesy of some of the best professional illustrators out there (except for 2004 when I did it myself).

Below are links to each of the previous ADVENTUres (2004-2009).  Click each cover to be taken to the download.  Or CLICK HERE for the folder with all the files.

2004 ADVENTure In Carols 2005 ADVENTure In Carols 2006 ADVENTure In Carols
2007 ADVENTure In Carols 2008 ADVENTure In Carols 2009 ADVENTure In Carols

And be sure to stick around to catch the 2010 ADVENTure as it unfolds (or wait until the 25th when you can download it all at once in one zip file).

2010 ADVENTure In Carols

The 2010 ADVENTure can be found HERE.