Andy Cirzan 2015 Mix Available for Free Download Now

Andy Cirzan 2015 - Hillbilly Hollerday


Andy Cirzan‘s annual compilations are legendary and have made him a movie star of sorts… Each year he joins the folks at the Sound Opinions radio show to share some of his extensive Christmas collection, mostly from rare and strange 45rpm singles. After the show airs he makes his annual mix available for download.

This year’s mix is “The Holiday Hangout at Hillbilly Holler” and the focus is on bluegrass and old timey music. From Andy’s notes:

Welcome to the Holiday Hangout at Hillbilly Hollow–set deep in the backwoods and out of the past, a place where like-minded denizens have always congregated to celebrate the Yule. There’d be moonshine a-flowin’ and dancers clompin’ about, all to the lost soundtrack of another time and place. That’s the vibe I’ve somehow tried to capture on this year’s mix–a tip of the hat, if you will, to some of the regional gems that very well might have gotten this particular hangout in motion.

If that sound like your mason jar fulla moonshine, head over and download the music and artwork. But do it soon. It’s only available until the end of the year.

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