all|is|calm 2010 – Ambient Christmas

One of my other musical passions (besides Christmas music) is electronic ambient music.  I have a blog and host a weekly radio show dedicated to free ambient music.

This year I decided to merge my passions and put together a compilation of Christmas inspired ambient music.  This collection is the result.

I asked the artists to present something that represents the season to them and see where it carried them.  This isn’t traditional Christmas music.  The only recognizable carol is the final track.  But the music is inspired by the season.

This would be good music to put on maybe Christmas night after the madness has died down and the kids are asleep, when you just want to settle in to your “long winter’s nap”.

I want to thank all of the artists for sharing their amazing artistry with me and the world.

DOWNLOAD HERE from the Internet Archive.  (CLICK HERE for an alternate download if the Internet Archive link isn’t working.)

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