FaLaLaLaLa presents The 2018 King of Jingaling Fling

Ghosts of ADVENTures Past

From 2004 until 2010 I put together a compilation known as the FaLaLaLaLa ADVENTure in Carols. Each day from December 1st until Christmas Day I would post a different track, like a musical Advent calendar. Then on the 25th I would post cover art and the whole package as a unified compilation. I worked to get cover art from professional illustrators (many of whom are personal friends). To this day they are some of the most popular posts on the site and have tens of thousands of cumulative downloads. (They are still available HERE.)

While I loved the process in some ways, it was also a difficult and time consuming endeavor, especially in years when I was teaching full time. But labors of love are well named, we put love and energy into them because they mean something to us. I’m proud of those collections. I still hear from people who listen to them every year. That, of course, warms my heart.

Over the intervening years, my approach to the site and the music has gone through changes, getting away from downloadable music. But this year I’ve been feeling nostalgic and have presented several forgotten gems for download. That, and connecting with friends and their annual compilations made me want to do it again this year. However, I decided to forgo the daily work of a musical Advent calendar and simply put together a collection of music for you to enjoy.

The Inaugural King of Jingaling Fling

While I’m known for the ADVENTure in Carols, I didn’t feel the name fit if it wasn’t a daily offering. Thus is born what I have decided to call The King of Jingaling Fling. Musically, it won’t be different from the old ADVENTures in Carols–a mix of music that focuses on unknown performances from the 1930s to the 1980s. The focus is on music that is fun and light, primarily secular Christmas and holiday songs. There are some old and familiar gems as well as some newly discovered favorites.

While some of these were recorded from vinyl by yours truly, I have to thank a number of other blogs for finding and recording some of this great music. I am especially grateful to Ernie (Not Bert), Madrotter Treasure Hunt, the (sadly gone) Lord of the Boot Sale, Merry And Bright, Hi-Fi Holiday, among others (it’s sometimes hard to keep track of where all the music comes from).


Here’s the entire mix for listening while online:

Track List

  1. Peter Wood Singers and Orchestra – Deck the Halls (03:17)
  2. Swingin’ Christmas – Earl Grant (02:42)
  3. The Chuck Williams Orchestra – Winter Wonderland (02:26)
  4. The Playhour Players – Tinker Town Santa Claus (02:03)
  5. Philippe Renaux – Noel Blanc (White Christmas) (03:21)
  6. Willio & Phillio – Hail to Thee O Christmas Tree (02:07)
  7. You – Here Comes Santa Claus (02:54)
  8. Guido Basso – Christmas Waltz (02:10)
  9. Radio City Music Hall Chorus – The Ain’t-Not Tree (02:45)
  10. Little Kids – Tamborine Jingle (03:22)
  11. Rumba Tres – Noche De Paz (02:12)
  12. The Angels of Islington – Have Yourself a Merry Christmas (03:59)
  13. Pete Fountain – Candy Clarinet (02:31)
  14. Les Bihanki – Joyeux Noel (02:10)
  15. The Magic Organ – Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (02:26)
  16. Dick and Richard – Santa Caught a Cold on Christmas Eve (02:10)
  17. Shoji Suzuki & Rhythm Ace – O Tannenbaum (02:56)
  18. Wendy Burton – Mommy’s Daddy, Daddy’s Daddy, and Santa Claus (02:02)
  19. The Steps – Christmas Island (02:27)
  20. The Mastersounds – Caroling Caroling (02:36)
  21. Vaughn Monroe and His Orchestra – Snowy White Snow and Jingle Bells (02:13)
  22. Scrooge Original Cast – Father Christmas (02:21)
  23. The Ambassador Chorale – A Doodle-Oodle Christmas Song (02:03)
  24. The Blenders – Christmas Village (02:30)
  25. Dave Lambert Singers – Hang The Mistletoe (02:41)
  26. The Mike Sammes Singers – Silver Bells (03:50)

I hope that you enjoy this mix of Christmas music and that it helps to put you in the holiday spirit. If you do like it, please share it with friends and family, in person and on social media.

The King of Jingaling
Download here.