FaLaLaLaLa is on Health Hiatus

The Year Without A Santa ClausI’ll make this relatively short and sweet (’cause I have to…).

It looks as though the 2013 ADVENTure in Carols–and the blog in general–are going on a break.

This is really hard, especially as close to Christmas as we are. But some complications from a minor medical procedure have made it so that it is painfully uncomfortable to work at the computer for any length of time. The situation should be back to normal soon, but in the meantime I feel I have to step away from the FaLaLaLaLa blog and this year’s ADVENTure.

If you want to find good FaLaLaLaLa music for your holidays, there are tons of mixes available at Mixcloud and Mixlr.

And here are a few Pandora stations for you:

FaLaLaLaLa Christmas Jazz
Christmas Crooners
FaLaLaLaLa EZ Christmas

I’ll try to keep up on Facebook and Twitter as I can. And there’s also the forums where lots of people are talking about Christmas music new and old.

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16 thoughts on “FaLaLaLaLa is on Health Hiatus

  1. Tony

    Get well soon, King!

  2. Bob

    King, thanks for what you do, have done and will do when you’re back. Take care of yourself. Nothing is more important than that. Get healthy and feel better for Christmas!

  3. King, thoughts and prayers are with you. You will be missed but we look forward to your return. Thank you for everything you have done for this blog. Rest well my friend.

  4. Joe

    Get well soon!

  5. Merry Christmas, Thanks for all of the cheer so far this year. Get well soon

  6. Sorry to hear this King, hope you get well soon!

  7. The King of Jingaling

    Thanks, folks. Your wishes mean a lot.

    I’m actually feeling considerably better today, but still taking it easy. And focusing on home and family for Christmas (’cause that’s what it’s all about…).

  8. Adrienne

    Take your time! Xmas is Jan is ok too!!!!! Feel better!! Thank u for keeping the Xmas dream alive!

  9. Mike

    Thanks for a great site and best wishes for a quick recovery!

  10. Sorry to hear, hope you feel better!

  11. All best for the season and the new year to come.

  12. Bill Huot

    I can only add my own best wishes that you get well soon!

  13. nickiplum

    Take care of yourself, and get well soon! Thanks for everything.

  14. Geordie

    Get well soon, and have a great Christmas!

  15. Get well soon King and rest up! And thanks for all of your work here. It’s much appreciated.

    • The King of Jingaling

      I’m pretty much 100%. Thanks for all of the warm wishes.

      But as far as the ADVENTure goes, I feel I’m so behind that it would take me forever to catch up. And there’s lots more to do around the Jingaling household before the holiday (especially preparing for our annual Christmas Day Open House).

      I have some other music for you to listen to for your Chrismtas, don’t worry. (The best place to find me playing good music from now thru Christmas is Mixlr.)

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